Salmon In Cream Sauce | Ready to eat | Low carb | Healthy dinner | Omega-3 | Protein rich | 190


Salmon in cream sauce is a fresh baked salmon, a perfect basic dinner to start your creativity for a low carb, ready to eat dinner with omega-3 and hand crafted sauce.
True to our Norwegian heritage, we have accompany delicious Norwegian salmon with Norwegian creme sauce to prepare a unique flavor experience. Add your own style to this basic Salmon dish.

Salmon in cream sauce is a low carb flavor rich Norwegian Salmon dinner base. Healthy and ready to eat dinners from Din Helsemat is a breeze to prepare.
Are you looking for a healthy lifestyle, this salmon ready to eat meal is targeting the creative food prepper. Salmon in cream sauce is rich in protein and omega-3 and therefore is healthy for young and old people.

Salmon in favor of health
Look no further, our hand crafted salmon meals made here in Norway, in other words, we will support your healthy lifestyle. Therefore it will make a different, because salmon is the single most exclusive fish that beautifully support your goals. Healthy and flavor rich salmon dinner styles is something we are proud of.  The low carb communities love omega-3 rich salmon, and for those who simply will have the best meal available in a quick serving, you got it.

Only 1g carbohydrates each 100g will therefore support a low carb and keto diet. Because salmon is protein rich and brimful of omega-3 naturally. You can expect to enjoy the salmon flavor any time you choose, and get in that vital protein to support muscle and figure for looks and energy.

Think about it, having our salmon dinner readily available coming home from work, school or training is a gold mine of health. Above all it´s loaded with protein and omega-3 this it keep you on track for a healthy lifestyle. Salmon in cream sauce can for all good reasons also be accompanied by nutritious starch like rice, potatoes, couscous or others. We highly recommend our low carb and keto-friendly breads to support any dinner according to the low carb and keto-friendly lifestyle.

Exclusive food for healthy lifestyle
Prepare Salmon and asparagus style to your need and liking. Salmon in cream sauce has one purpose; adding basic salmon dish you can expand upon with vegetable and additions by your personal choice. Take part of the unique taste experience and quality within the nutritious Salmon from Norway. Above all we are proud to share our resources to the world.
We are sure you will be satisfied with 100% Gluten-free
In conclusion, hand crafted salmon dinners are made with pure Norwegian salmon and selected ingredients.
Therefore serving our salmon meals in a gluten-free experience is our commitment.

Preparation tips
Heat from frozen in microwave oven for 3-5 minutes at 3/4 strength.
Alternatively heat it in a pre- heated stove at 150- 170 C for 8 minutes or to your satisfaction.

Storage: Keep in freezer at minimum -18 °C or at minimum 0°F
Shelf life: 18 months from manufacturing date.

Country of origin: Norway

Please visit our Norwegian home page here

Nutrition Declaration

Nutrition DeclarationPer 100gPer portion 190g
Energy878 kJ/216 Kcal1668 kJ/411 Kcal
Fat17,4 g33,1 g
Of which saturated fat5,4 g10,3 g
Carbohydrates0,8 g1,5 g
Of which sugar0,6 g1,1 g
Protein13,0 g24,8 g
Salt0,2 g0,4 g
Ingredients: Salmon (52.9 %), water, crème fraîche [Cream (milk), lactic acid culture], rapeseed oil, wild broth [yeast extract, reindeer meat, salt, maltodextrin, flavor, reindeer meat extract, onion, spices], parsley, thickener [guar gum].


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