Salmon and cod dinners freshly made and frozen to preserve nutritional perfection. Ready to be served world wide.

Salmon and Cod premium food selection are rich in protein, natural omega-3 and low in carb, perfect for health conscious people, Norwegian made.

Salmon dinner meals are the staple of any healthy lifestyle habit in Norway. Norwegian´s love Salmon, simple as that. Therefore their Healthy eating habits comes natural. Eating quality food is important for your health and longevity. Our chef´s have developed a unique range of healthy Salmon fusion style dinners. Perfectly low carb and keto-friendly servings, they are in short; made to be enjoyed!

Salmon and cod fish meals are prepared fresh and directly frozen to preserve the nutritional value. Therefore when re-heated properly, you will certainly experience our meal as they was just freshly made. Further you will enjoy the rich flavor and the simple preparation. Norwegian ready-to-eat Salmon and Cod meals range are nothing alike, in short, Norwegian Salmon prepared with Norwegian style sauces and arranged beautifully is a healthy choice. Hand crafted non GMO, made in Norway with 100% gluten-free ingredients. Enjoy!


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